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« It’s not you, it’s me », « things moved too fast », « I don’t think we’re the same anymore ». Everyone who had been in a relationship must have heard one of this all-timers of breakups, but nothing will ever compare to the lyrics of heart-wrenching songs.

To help you get over a breakup or give you the musical background to your streaming tears, here’s a list of 20 songs, that in our opinion, are the best to describe this horrible feeling of loss.

-Land Locked Blues-Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes have a way with words and it’s no surprise that Conor Oberst, the lead singer, was named best songwriter in 2008 by Rolling Stone magazine. In « Land Locked Blues », a song with a personal and political meaning, the duet can bring you to your darkest times.

Selected lyrics :

« First, tell me which road you will take
I don’t want to risk our paths crossing someday
So you walk that way, I’ll walk this way »

-Littlest things-Lily Allen

The british singer always hits the nail on the head with her record singles, and « littlest things » is no exception.

Selected lyrics :

« Dreams, dreams
Of when we had just started things
Dreams of me and you
And it seems, it seems
That I can’t shake those memories
I wonder if you feel the same way too »

-Only love can hurt like this- Paloma Faith 

Needless to say, the title is self-explanatory.

-Skinny love-Bon Iver

Justin Vernon, the one-man band known as Bon iver, said in an interview the song was about the pain of past relationships making their way into new ones. Like this song wasn’t as depressing before this bit of information.

-Somebody that I used to know-Gotye 

Funny how Gotye actually became somebody we used to know.

-Where I stood-Missy Higging

Selected lyrics :

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